Without ideas, no solutions, and you will know, the right people make all the difference. Working with us will change you and your business, because we challenge everything in order to improve or reduce.
It is our privilege to work with all kinds of media, projects and tools (and some are quit unique). But no matter how intellectual or digital the challenge may be, you can expect our process to be tangible from phase one. That is how humans perceive and experience, that is how we communicate.
It is not complicated to be innovative. It is tough. A very experienced team and strong methods, enables us to leave the comfort zone and return again, safe and with a new perspective.

Behind solutions there is ideas, and they tend to emerge form inspiration. Inspiration benefits strongly from motivation. From there it is history and in fact a private matter.
With more than 25 years of experience it is obvious that business matter to us, but so does relevance and responsibility for the next generation. The methods differ but the mindset is the same. We love the future, because it is our chance to motivate, inspire and liberate. Life is short, let us do it elegant.
Janus Juul Rasmussen
Senior partner Valcon

It is non discussible that Steffen has a remarkable talent for creating ideas that combines functionality, simplicity and form in ways that just makes sense and jet surprises. But Steffens ability to motivate, inspire and communicate is the reason why work with Steffen is something you will remember. As a specialist with in mechanical engineering Steffens technical and practical experience make the perfect bridge between the soft and the hard fields in product development.

Flemming Hald
Director Corporate Development at Louis Poulsen

I have worked with Steffen for a period of six years in which he was the main designer for Roblon. In that period, many new products were successfully designed and brought to market. Steffen has shown an exceptionally good understanding of the company strategy and he has successfully managed to design the products in a way that these completely support the overall strategy and the corporate identity. In the design process, Steffen is excellent in listening to other people, and he likes to be challenged by other qualified opinions, but he will certainly also challenge the organization – all with the purpose of getting better results through an interactive process. Steffen is excellent in defining and expressing the overall visual and aesthetic design, but he is at least just as dedicated and focused on the functional design of the products. There is great attention on everything from the overall design line to the smallest detail of the product, and in this way Steffen has played a crucial role in designing and developing extraordinary products. Also, when designing products Steffen takes all aspects from the final use and application of the products, the user interface, the installer interface and the production aspects into consideration, and he makes a virtue of having the products keeping their promises all through the value chain. Steffen is very ambitious, extraordinary good at his work and this paired with his great sense of humour has made the cooperation with Steffen stand out as a great experience. I am sure that Steffen is able to bring any client a step further in their design of products. I can only give Steffen my most sincere and best recommendations.

Best regards,
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